Tung D. Le

about me

I am a researcher at IBM Research - Tokyo. My main focus lies in the intersection of deep learning, compiler and high performance computing.

Just in case, one may be interested in my education as well as work history. A curriculum vitae is here.


I really like the beauty of the algebra of programming and would like to apply it for systematically optimizing parallel programs in high performance computing and deep learning.

I collect useful links that explain technical things in a simple and intuitive way.



Office address: 10th floor, tower side, IBM Japan headquarters building. Telephone number: +81-(3)-3808-5228

My preferred contact method is email:

working_email = 'tung' + '@' + 'jp' + '.ibm' + '.com'
personal_email = 'tungld' + '@' + 'gmail' + '.com'

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